Lahat Technologies (part of Agentek) is a sales representative/distributor organization, who represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the fields of Lasers, Optics, Electronics Test & Measurement Equipment, Motion Control and more…

Our aim is to provide our customers top-quality & efficient products and technologies, support and service.

Lahat’s sales and service people are all Problem Solvers & Solution Providers, experienced in the fields of Physics, Electro-optics, Electronics and Mechanics. All certified, trained and highly-qualified engineers.

Product Lines

Pulsed, CW and Ultrafast Lasers, WL range from DUV up to THz

DUV to LWIR optical radiation measurement, Laser power and energy measurement,   Spectrometers, Beam Analysis, Wavelength meters, Optical power meters, Photoreceiver

Lenses, Prisms, Filters, Optical assemblies for DUV up to LWIR

Opto-mechanics solutions, Optic mounts, Fiber alignment, Adjustable platforms and more

Imaging and detection cameras, CCD, CMOS, Infrared cameras


Thz imaging systems for non distructive testing

Non Contact interferometric metrology, roughness measurement and displacement sensors

Industry leaders in Motion control solutions – linear, motors, and rotating stages, Piezo stages, Gimbals and more

Wide selection of signal generation and signal recovery including amplifiers, analyzers, Video & Audio testing

Cutting, grinding and polishing instrumentation for material preparation as well as advanced hardness, roughness and contour analysis.


Active & passive vibration cancellation systems, Optical Tops. OEM solutions

Thermal management and shielding materials including: TEC, TEG, thermal conductive materials and Mu-metal


Coming Soon....

Air and liquid particle monitoring and particle counting, Test equipment for high efficiency particulate air filters for – cleanroom, mask testing, filter testing

Coming Soon....

News & Events


Quebec City, QC, Canada, January 25, 2022 – Gentec-EO launches MIRO ALTITUDE, its new top-of-the-line laser power and energy display device.

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