Application Notes

Industrial Applications of Terahertz Sensing: State of Play

This paper is a survey of existing and upcoming industrial applications of terahertz technologies, comprising sections on polymers, paint and coatings, pharmaceuticals, electronics, petrochemicals, gas sensing, and paper and wood industries. Finally, an estimate of the market size and growth rates is given, as obtained from a comparison of market reports.

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Lithography equipment manufacturers: Laser power measurement helps you to improve productivity

Coat, develop and expose! These three basic steps of semiconductor lithography have enabled smaller and cost-effective electronic devices to be made. Lithography system manufacturers, the key players of this technology, are patterning the chips by using laser radiation which needs to be optically characterized in terms of its power and stability for the profitability of the entire process.

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The THz imager for safe and secure mail inspection

Post offices in companies and public authorities alike are the departments most vulnerable
to attacks via mail. In most cases, its staff is unprotected to those potentially
severe incidents. To minimize the likelihood of such an event, HÜBNER Photonics developed
an innovative bench-top system enabling you to check letters and small parcels:

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