OEM Spectroscopy modules for Raman, visible, and NIR 18 Oct 2018

At Wasatch Photonics, we’ve built a team that understands the needs of OEM customers, and a spectrometer bench that exceeds them. Our OEM spectrometer modules are robust, compact, and easy to integrate, while delivering the same outstanding sensitivity and SNR of our laboratory products. Our optical bench is designed using only transmissive, diffraction-limited optics, and remains aligned over temperature and at every wavelength to allow intensity matching to less than ±10% across the spectrum. Consistency is key when you’re designing a product to be built in volume, and we deliver – in performance, in expertise, and in the quality of our service.

OEM Raman spectrometers: Available for use with 785, 830, and 1064 nm laser excitation, these OEM modules cover the fingerprint region with 8-12 cm-1 resolution (other wavelengths and optical coupling options available upon request). The 785 model is offered with an optional 100 mW integrated laser. Our Raman spectroscopy modules are in use in applications ranging from materials analysis to medical diagnostics, food safety, and process monitoring.

OEM Spectrometers for visible & NIR: Our VIS-NIR OEM module covers 350-1000 nm with 1.5 nm resolution, with the high sensitivity needed for fluorescence, reproducibility for food quality testing, and stability for spectroradiometry. Our NIR OEM module covers 900-1700 nm with 5 nm resolution, and offers unparalleled sensitivity in an OEM-ready footprint to facilitate inspection, biomedical, and process monitoring applications.

Why go back to square one with your product design? Perform R&D with our modular, off-the-shelf components and free ENLIGHTEN™ software, then migrate to our more compact OEM equivalent for prototyping and production with no loss of performance. Our spectrometers deliver 10x better sensitivity, limit of detection, and acquisition time than other compact spectrometers on the market, backed by experienced OEM engineering & applications teams. Accelerate your time to market today!

More information can be found here