Thermoelectric Coolers for Reagent Storage

Analytical chemists use reagents to detect the presence or absence of a substance, or to test if a specific reaction occurs. Laboratory and medical technicians use reagents to cause a chemical or biological reaction to measure or identify a target substance.  These reagents have narrow operating temperature windows which require refrigeration or freezing.

Active thermoelectric (Peltier) coolers have the precise temperature control ideal for thermal management of reagents. Thermoelectric coolers offer a more efficient, cost-effective and reliable thermal control method compared to other thermal technologies.

Laird Thermal Systems Solution:  CP Series

The CP Series is available in a wide range of heat pumping capacities, geometric shapes and input power ranges to meet the wide range of reagent cooling requirements.

  • Rugged, compact thermoelectric cooling product line designed for higher current and larger heat-pumping applications like reagent storage systems.
  • Typically mounted near the reagent storage chamber to closely regulate chamber temperature.
  • Direct-to-air configuration offers a max cooling power of up to 125W with a temperature difference (ΔT) of 67°C at a room temperature of 25°C.                                                                                                                   

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