Thermoelectric Cooling for Outdoor Kiosks

Cooling systems used in outdoor kiosks must meet rigorous requirements to withstand outdoor conditions. These requirements might include NEMA 4, humidity and salt spray testing. They may also include more specific issues such as preventing water, dust and wind-driven rain from entering the cooling system.

Thermoelectric assemblies offer an alternative to compressor-based cooling systems for kiosk enclosures. With the ability to cool well below ambient, Thermoelectric assemblies protect electronics inside enclosures from heat, while limiting moisture exposure and other contaminants from the outside environment.

Solution:  Outdoor Cooler Series

The Outdoor Cooler Series is a ruggedized air-to-air thermoelectric assembly that uses impingement flow to transfer heat in electronic cabinets. The assemblies run on open loop at either 24 or 48 VDC operation and they offer dependable, compact performance by cooling objects via convection and cooling capacity ranges from 100 to 250 Watts. Heat is absorbed and dissipated through high density heat exchangers equipped with air ducted shrouds and brand name fans. The heat pumping action occurs from custom designed thermoelectric modules that achieve a high coefficient of performance (COP) to minimize power consumption.


  • Outdoor telecom enclosures
  • Outdoor kiosks and displays
  • Military telecommunications cabinets
  • Battery backup cabinets


  • Cooling and heating in the same unit; optional temperature controller reverses the polarity of current to generate heating
  • Environmentally friendly solid-state operation – no compressor or CFC refrigerants
  • UL60950 and UL50 approval obtained by customers when integrated in telecom outdoor enclosures

Product Specifications:

  • 100W capacity rated at ΔT = 0°C, Tambient = 32°C
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C
  • Telcordia GR-487-CORE tested and verified by customers when integrated in telecom outdoor enclosures with external sheet metal shroud

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