Wavelength Special: Deep-ultraviolet (DUV)

Deep-UV (DUV) laser light is ubiquitous in industry and research – be it in semiconductor lithography at 193 nm, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), photoluminescence studies or spectroscopy of wide band gap materials, Raman spectroscopy beyond the solar background, or exotic atomic (and nuclear) transitions in quantum technology.

However, DUV light is hard to produce and maintain. TOPTICA’s DLC TA-FHG pro lasers use the novel SUV technology to generate laser light at standard wavelengths from 205 nm to 300 nm. This results in a strong increase in DUV power and a lifetime warranty that are market-leading for tunable diode lasers. For even shorter wavelengths, KBBF crystals enable direct frequency-doubling in TOPTICA’s customized solutions which generates wavelengths as short as 190 nm.

Applications that require high laser power at 266 nm, TOPTICA’s new TopWave 266 is an ideal solution. It delivers 150 mW output power, combined with an excellent lifetime (>10,000 h) and low-noise operation. It is a turnkey system specialized for sophisticated measurement and production tasks in e.g. semicon inspectionlithography or Raman spectroscopy.